Pfeiffer to Renovate & Expand Prince George Community College Queen Anne Academic Center

Initial Theater Concept Sketch
January 15, 2014
Pfeiffer is working with Prince George Community College on the renovation and expansion of the 1967 Queen Anne Fine Arts Center, including the Hallam Theatre. Centrally located on campus, the revived center will transform the arts community, providing a welcoming gateway for visitors and students alike. The scope of the project includes the renovation of 33,460 sf of the existing building and a 136,500-sf expansion to provide dramatically improved spaces for the current Music, Theatre, Speech, Television, Radio, and Film programs, along with facilities to support a new dance program. Beyond standard offices and classrooms, the Queen Anne Academic Center will feature a 250-seat proscenium theater, 200-seat black box studio, 125-seat recital hall, various technology and film production labs, flexible instruction and rehearsal spaces, dance studios, and an art gallery.