Tateuchi Center

Bellevue, Washington

The Tateuchi Center, home to a 2,000-seat multipurpose performance hall, will greatly expand the region’s cultural offerings while also serving the educational needs of the Eastside’s youth. In addition, with such a prominent site at the edge of downtown, the Center will contribute to the ongoing transformation of Bellevue as it expands from a residential suburb to a dynamic urban environment. The building’s exterior surfaces, sheathed in five stories of illuminated, articulated glass, wrap the building at its corner, creating visual drama for patrons and passersby alike. The interior was inspired by Bellevue’s existence as a “city in a park” and the natural beauty that surrounds it. The auditorium, “the city,” features wood-cladded entry portals, metal-mesh forms, and warm cherry wood fascia. The lobbies and public areas, “the park,” reference nature, with streaming water and woodland motifs in rich reds, golds and greens.

Project Data

175,000 sf
Targeting LEED Gold

Program Highlights

2,000-seat multipurpose hall
200-seat black box theater
Large rehearsal hall
Donor lounge


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“Every detail is planned to meet the exacting standards required of a great performing arts center. . . . The design emphasizes flawless sound quality, audience comfort, unobstructed sightlines, efficient and practical backstage spaces, a main stage spacious enough to accommodate virtually any production, and top-quality technical controls.”
— John Haynes, Executive Director & CEO

Superblock Masterplan. Tateuchi Center anchors one corner of a superblock with hotel, residences and retail outlets