Claremont McKenna College Mid-Quad Residence Halls Project Receives Award of Merit

Claremont Hall Active Lounge. Photo: Steve Lerum
June 6, 2016
Our work at Claremont McKenna College's Mid-Quad Residences has been recognized by the Claremont Architectural Commission with a 2015 Award of Merit in the category of New Construction, Renovation and Signs. We designed the renewal and expansion of the Mid Quad residential precinct, which is comprised of six existing residence halls, all built between 1958 and 1968 with one building added in 2004. With three existing architectural “looks,” enhanced or new front doors, transparent vertical circulation, sun shading and color, carefully designed for each building, we crafted a visual language to merge the independent structures into one cohesive district. The reworking of the south and west facades of Marks Hall along with new signage and landscaping, radically transformed the experience along 6th, the district's border with the adjacent community.