Interdisciplinary collaboration is key for the new Windgate Center for Fine & Performing Arts at the University of Central Arkansas now open

September 21, 2023
University of Central Arkansas President, Dr. Houston Davis, broke the Center’s seal to kick off the official opening of UCA’s new 100,000-sf Windgate Center for the Fine & Performing Arts, which included tours, performances, and exhibitions. The event is the first in “Ovation,” an eighteen-month-long series of events celebrating the new facility. The Center merges the University’s performing arts and visual arts programs into a single, synergistic Arts campus, while creating a new northern gateway for the entire UCA campus. As a direct comparison to UCA’s previous facilities for the Arts, the Center is a double-win for UCA’s Arts programs, with a marked improvement in both quality and adjacency. Outdated spaces in six existing campus buildings will be replaced and/or augmented in the new facility. UCA’s already thriving music, theater and visual arts programs will be supported for the next generation of education and excellence. In a world where inter-disciplinary work is increasingly valued in both the arts and sciences, the project gives UCA a competitive advantage compared to partner institutions.