Transformed SUNY Oswego's Tyler Hall Debuts with a Week of Festivities

The flexible recital/rehearsal space in SUNY Oswego's transformed Tyler Hall
October 28, 2016
Our recently completed renovation of SUNY Oswego's arts building, Tyler Hall, made its debut on October 28, commencing a week of festivities and performances to celebrate the event. The Hall's rejuvenation includes the Waterman Theatre, a dramatic new rehearsal room, a new choral rehearsal room, a state-of-the art recording studio, a transformed Tyler Art Gallery and a new lobby with a curved-glass theater fa├žade. Working with SUNY Oswego and the State University Construction Fund (FUND), Pfeiffer completed detailed space programming and concept design for the newly formed School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA), to be accommodated in two fully renovated buildings, the first completed being Tyler Hall.