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Insight—Performing Arts :

For decades, we have been at the top of the field in the design of facilities for the performing arts. From Broadway to community theater, and from liberal arts programs to conservatories, our services have been sought across North America to deliver arts spaces that are loved and respected equally by maestros, patrons and technicians.

Within the 6 million square feet of performing arts space that we have planned and designed for over 70 arts clients are theaters of every shape and size, instructional spaces for youth through post-secondary and professional learners, practice and rehearsal space, as well as production facilities that are the envy of artists, techs and specialists involved with all aspects of the craft.

With the leadership of Principal Bill Murray, the Pfeiffer team offers clients tremendous depth and breadth of arts expertise to both conceive and deliver performing art spaces to which both performers and audiences love to return.

“While not intending to specialize in a single building typology, the arts have always been my passion."— William Murray, Principal

"Over the course of the past 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with more than 40 universities and civic organizations in the design of spaces for the arts. Through this and my active participation in USITT and other professional organizations, along with collaborating with the country’s top theater consultants and acousticians, . . .”

" . . . I’ve continued to explore how the architecture of space can foster artistic creativity and how artistry can influence what we do as architects."