Design is process, not a product . . .

We believe that the most successful and professionally rewarding projects emerge through an open design process purposefully externalized within the office.

Project Meeting

All of our projects, regardless of scale, begin with a Visioning Session—an internal kick-off meeting, where the entire Principal group comes together with the team to discuss the key drivers of a project, focusing on our client’s aspirations, a site’s social and physical context, program requirements, budget parameters and other factors that may influence design, so that as a group we’re able to set the overall direction for the project.

In-house charrettes, workshops and pin-up sessions encourage engagement and participation in the creative process.

Team structures blend professionals at varying levels of experience and provide a solid framework for mentoring, continued professional development and personal growth.


Achieving the quality of the built environment exemplified in our work and envisioned by our clients can only occur through a process of collaboration, creativity and careful planning. By conducting day-long or multi-day workshops, student/ community forums, user interviews and research via social media, we gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ aspirations, culture and core values, laying the foundation for our work.

Client Workshop

Core-team continuity—from projects’ inception to completion– ensures that the design intent established early on in a project is continued through to its implementation.

Client Workshop

While we employ Business Information Modeling (BIM) tools, we continue to build physical study models. Used as tools in-house as well as with our clients, these models allow us to quickly test a variety of options, exploring in real time the implications of each.