Pfeiffer is a design studio of Perkins Eastman, whose projects for cultural and educational clients marry smart planning with unusually effective client and team engagement for imaginative architectural solutions.

We are collaborative professionals—architects, planners and interior designers—drawn together by a shared philosophy regarding the built environment. We’re based in New York City and Los Angeles and practice across all 24 Perkins Eastman locations.

We’re about Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design realized in a cross-disciplinary process to design human experience in places that bring people together.

Colburn School for the Performing Arts & Music Conservatory, Thayer Hall, Rehearsal

We work and play . . .

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Working with Us

The language, forms and formats we employ to communicate our ideas can be understood by all.

We engage our clients as active participants in realizing the vision for their projects; good ideas can—and do—come from anywhere.

Our most successful projects combine our knowledge, experience and design expertise with our clients’ in-depth understanding of their institution, organization or community.

A bi-coastal practice, we serve clients across North America and abroad.

And create

Sean Tittle's Radicle, a finalist in NASA's competition for interplanetary colonization living modules