Harvey Mudd College

Residence Hall

Claremont, California
With the college’s goal of providing on-campus housing for its entire student body, our efforts at Harvey Mudd began with an evaluation of the its existing residence halls, identifying potential sites for new facilities and developing master plan concepts for how these facilities could be sensitively integrated into the existing campus fabric. Following the framework of the master plan, the college then commissioned us to design Drinkward Hall, the first of its proposed three new residence halls. The result is a three-story structure, laid out in a U-shaped configuration that surrounds a central courtyard, following the original typology of the campus. The new hall provides housing for 130 students in a combination of 4-to 5-person suites with living rooms and full kitchens, as well as stand-alone double and single rooms. With amenities such as group study rooms, lounges and collaborative work spaces prominently located throughout the building and a large, communal kitchen in the shared active lounge off of the central courtyard, Drinkward is extremely popular with students, setting a new standard for residential living on the Harvey Mudd campus.
Project Data

45,000 sf
Targeting LEED Silver

Program & Highlights

134 beds in 4-5 person suites & stand-alone rooms
Student lounges
Group study rooms


General Contractor: Bernards
Civil Engineer: SB&O Inc.
Structural Engineer: Saiful Bouquet
A/V Consultant: Waveguide
Landscape Architect: Pamela Burton & Company
Lighting: Kaplam Gehring McCarroll
Photographer: Steve Lerum

“Drinkward Hall represents how great things can be accomplished when students, trustees, donors and project members work towards a common goal. The culture of Harvey Mudd College is one of inclusivity and a lot of effort was made to gather constituent input and feedback. We were able to successfully incorporate that information in the final design, resulting in our constituents being very pleased with the building.”
— James Hawley, Director of Capital Projects

Elevator lobby
Typical student bedroom