Stanford University

Renovation of Memorial Church & Historic Quad Buildings

Stanford, California

As part of Stanford University’s on-going commitment to seismically strengthen its landmark buildings and following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the University hired us to develop guidelines for repairing and renovating its Historic Quad. We then went on to renovate several of the Main Quad buildings, three of which are on the National Register of Historic Buildings, while the others are eligible for the same distinction. The center piece of the historic quad is the Stanford Memorial Church. Its renovation included the repair of historic stone work both inside and out, as well as the preservation and re-creation of all artwork and artifacts.

Project Data

141,000 sf

Program & Hightlights

Historic Church
Conference center
Language studies center with labs and 150-seat auditorium
Student housing
President’s and Provost’s office
Center for Race and Ethnicity


1992 California Preservation Foundation Preservation/Stabilization Award

Aaron Betsky, "Stanford Recaptures Lost Grandeur," Architectural Record, July, 1966


Quad Buildings 10/240
Structural Engineer: Rutherford and Chekene
Mechanical Engineer: Laws & Associates
Electrical Engineer: F. W. Associates, Inc.
Memorial Church
Structural Engineer: H. J. Degenkolb Associates
Mechanical Engineer: Laws & Associates
Construction Manager: Dinwiddie Construction Company
Acoustics: Paoletti Associates
Language Corner
Structural Engineer: Rutherford and Chekene
Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer: Advance Design Consultants, Inc.
Electrical/Lighting Engineer: Hansen and Slaughter, Inc.
Cooksey House
Structural Engineer: H. J. Degenkolb Associates
Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer: Laws & Associates
Electrical/Lighting Engineer: O’Mahony & Myer

“The overall effect . . . is one of clarity, grandeur, and a sense of rightness. In fact, renovation has been so skillful that observers are sometimes hard put to tell new from old.”
— Aaron Betsky, Architectural Record, July 1996

The Memorial Church is the focal point of the University's Main Quad
Renovated Encino Hall conference room