University of California-Los Angeles

Northwest Campus Housing

Los Angeles, California

Our involvement with UCLA and the Northwest Campus continued for over a decade, beginning with the development of an overall master plan for the 35-acre site. With land at a premium and a commitment to offer housing to all incoming students, UCLA recognized the need to significantly increase density in this area of campus while also creating a student-focused precinct, combining living and learning in an integrated and dynamic environment. Transforming the 1960s “towers in the park,” our focus was not only on the architectural design of several new residence halls but also, perhaps equally important, “knitting together” the ground plane of existing and new buildings, public spaces and open space, creating a seamless integration between new and old, inside and outside. The buildings’ architecture is both contemporary and sustainable but also in keeping with the scale and massing of the original 1960’s towers, creating a harmonious grouping. The seven new residence halls provide more than 2,500 student beds, a 650-seat dining commons, a conference center, two boutique cafés, fitness facilities, study spaces and instructional space.

Project Data

35 acres

Program & Highlights

650-seat dining commons
2,500 beds
Conference center and ballroom
Two boutique cafés
Fitness facilities
Study and instructional spaces


Tim Gregorski, “Building Team completes two additions at UCLA,” Building Design + Construction, May 23, 2012


Associate Architect: KieranTimberlake
Landscape Architect: SWA Group
General Contractors: PCL Construction Services, Inc., Swinerton Builders
Construction Management: Gafcon, Inc/Benchmark
Structural Engineer: Nabih Youssef & Associates
Civil Engineer: RBF Consulting
Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer: Kanwar & Associates
Acoustics: Rothermel & Associates
Photographer: Tim Griffith

The pre-existing site for Sproul Landing & Bruin Plate